Yellow light


I'm the kind of person who tries to get inspiration from anything. Everything that I experience every day, thoughts, people, places I visit that fascinate me, you really learn new things every day, the more you open yourself.Sometimes even by watching a movie, I take notes to myself, if there was a scene that I liked, or a sentence that one of the characters said, memorable notes that would inspire and motivate me to do more or to act differently in a way where i'm changing my mind to think more reasonably. Let go of daily worries, focus on what's really important and use the time right, where I know how to get things done but also get time to relax, and do other things to inspire my brain rather than just constantly think and make efforts.

Now to my outfit lol; I found this yellow cool dress when I was in American Apparel one time and they had a huge rack in the middle of the store with items on sale. I normally hate to browse through piles of clothes, but I kind of went through the clothes there with my eyes and I saw that Yellow dress in a few colors; light pink, burgundy, and i think there was blue. Thats the kind of dress which is always good to have in your closet, since it's a classic cut where you can wear it almost everywhere, and with the right accessories it can be fancy enough to go to an event or a dinner. Also yellow is obviously a perfect choice for summer. Since it was on sale, I also got the baby pink one because it's one of my favorite colors to wear! You can never go wrong with that!

Love, D

Dress- American Apparel Shoes- Sam Edelman