when in disney world


Good Morning! That is how I spent my last weekend- In Disney World!! Going through all of these pictures from the quick trip there makes me feel so blessed that I was able to experience such an amazing time there! It is the happiest place on earth! SO let me explain shortly why did I travel there; Jason was sent to a training in Orlando from work, and we had decided that since he's in Orlando, and Disney is there as well, I'll join him just for the weekend and we can go to Disney for one day, and then i'll fly back home myself while he would stay in Orlando for the rest of the training. (it's easy since we get stand by tickets that allow us to fly very cheap). SO turned out it worked perfectly! We flew in on Friday evening, as we arrived in Orlando (the flight was only 2 hours), we decided to drop our bags at the hotel and drive to the Downtwon Disney, where you get a taste of the experience in Disney World, they try to create that same atmosphere, views and fun. We were a little tired and it was extremely hot and humid that night, but it was so much fun to try explore everything while we can!

Stick around for part two and for more stories !!


Overalls- Topshop White tank top- Under Armour (gotta feel a little sporty for such day lol) Flip Flops- Couch Sunnies- Rayban