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Healthy body in a healthy mind- Damn Right !! There are many ways to keep a healthy and clean lifestyle. Today, in an era where there's so much awareness about keeping your body healthy, it is at the forefront of many popular topics.  Let me tell you that it isn't that difficult to do so!

Believe me, up until two years ago, I couldn't care less about a healthy lifestyle or anything that involves that ! lol. But the truth is, we grow and change, nobody's gonna stay young forever, meaning that even those lucky bastards out there who can eat whatever they want and would never get fat, one day this pleasure will come to an end. And even more that that, your health is going to be at risk.

Honestly, when I hear the word "diet" it doesn't make me feel good about myself, so I prefer to say, I eat healthy.

I also noticed a change in the way I think when I eat healthy. I can think and focus better and clearly.

Today, there are so many healthy fast food places, like chipotle, or Chopped (where they would chop fresh salad for you and you can choose any additions you want to add to your salad). A few years ago, there was no such thing as " healthy fast food". These places can really encourage you to eat a little more healthy. What I really like about these type of places, is that you don't neccesarly have to "sit down" and pay a tip to the waiter.

I have recently discovered the Chobani Simply 100 yogurt, which is delicious and great as a snack, and the best thing about it- it's only 100 calories ! Meaning that no matter which one you picked, whether if it's their Blueberry Cookie Crumble or Mango Cone Crisp - you are safe with only 100 calories ! I think thats is awesome to enjoy such delicious crunchy snack that you can take with you anywhere ! Make sure to check their site here, for more details about their yogurt and healthy ways to burn calories !!


Hope you found this post helpful !! And I would really love to encorage all of you to live healthy, because it pays off !!! ;)