Sunset View


Hi blog! I know it's been long since my last post, but I recently started working at a coffee shop by where I live, so i've been a little busy.

A few days ago when Jason and I took a trip to the city, we walked by a street in the Gold Coast area of Chicago, which had all these beautiful shops and I then passed by Athleta, which if you're not familiar with the store, it's a sports and yoga wear; and a funny fact, I actually never been to that store before. I always pass by it but never bothered to check it out. So then on that day I noticed that they had cool trainers on the mannequin and I went inside to try it on ! I ended up buying these trainers, because they were super comfortable, chic, grey (!!) and I refused to take them off when I wear them! (did I say comfy already)??

I'm gonna upload pics with these cuties very soon- stay tuned !

Also, I upload photos to Instagram daily- So always make sure to check it out =)


Hat+Blouse+Belt - URBAN OUTFITTERS Shorts - LEVIS Sneakers - Random Jewelry - PINK CLOUDS