It's A Fall Day















Jason and I had a beautiful Sunday ! We went to Central park and just walked around first, it is always a lot of fun taking a stroll there during the day, walking and seeing people, bike riders, joggers. Obviously it's much more pleasant walking around Central Park in the summer when it's nice and warm outside and not having to deal with the unbearable cold of winter sometimes. Althogh I think that there is something fun in being there in the winter too, it's magical when the park and water and trees are all coverd in snow, and everything is white, that's gorgeous! We went to the boathouse which is in the middle of the park, and took a row boat, and we were just rowing around the water. It was so much fun !! I defiently recommend it , because there's nothing that's more relaxing than being around water, and you see other couples or families trying to move their row boats because it's not always easy (especially when you're not doing it every day), I just laughed all the time there, it really puts a smile on your face !

After the park we felt like something sweet so we went to Magnolia Bakery which is a really good bakery in Manhattan that offers some delicious pastries and cakes. This bakery has like 4 or 5 branches around the city, and some of them has a sitting area and some don't. (so make sure to call and check before if you want to sit there). We ordered a slice of chocolate cake (so good !) and coffee. I love this bakery ! I haven't tried other things there yet, but everything looks delicious ! Make sure to pay a visit there when you are in Manhattan, just google the closest branch to you !

Btw; when we did the row boats, there was one couple that got engaged ! that was so exciting to see, and  everyone was cheering up !

Wishing you all a beautiful week! Xo DANA

Dress: Zara

Jacket: Levi's

Boots: Hunter