Style Icon: Marilyn Monroe


The fabulous Marilyn Monroe is an icon to many, including myself. Her beauty was unique and legendary! She had a curvaceous figure , a killer smile and the most endearing yet mysterious eyes. These are the features, along with her talent as an entertainer, that made her famous! Yet, contrary to belief, you don't just wake up looking like Marilyn Monroe! This was a true process! It has been said to take up to two to three hours for solely her cosmetic routine. This article is going to show you how to achieve her essence of elegance from makeup to hair to fashion! American actress Marilyn Monroe (1926 - 1962) with a basket of apples, circa 1952. (Photo by Nickolas Muray/George Eastman House/Getty Images)


Here's what you will need:

1)a liquid foundation

2)a black liquid liner

3)false eyelashes

4)a plumping black mascara

5)a deep red lipstick

6)a red lip gloss

7)a black and a brown charcoal eye pencil

8)a nude shimmery eyeshadow

9)a white shimmery eyeshadow

10)a fluffy blending brush

11)a makeup sponge

12)a matte brown eyeshadow

13)a dark cream concealer

14)a light cream concealer

15)small angled brush

16)a concealer brush

17) pink blush

Here's what you'll do!

1)Start off with contouring and highlighting. Marilyn's features were very strong and her face always had a lovely glow. Apply cream concealer that is darker than your natural skin to the hollows of the face such as the cheekbones, the temples, the jawline and the sides of the nose. You may alternate between a concealer brush and a small angled brush. Then, apply a cream concealer that is lighter than your natural skin to the areas of the face that you want tobe more prominent such as the apples of the cheeks, underneath the eyes, down the bridge of the nose, the middle of the forehead, the cupid's bow and the chin.

2)Apply your liquid foundation to the face with your makeup sponge. Be sure to do smooth, circular motions to thoroughly blend all of your concealer. It should be seamless finish!   Marilyn Monroe was known for her dewy skin so please be light handed if you choose to set with a powder! Also, be sure to dab on some pink blush onto the apples of the cheeks, as she always wore rouge!

3)Now, draw your classic cat eye using your black liquid liner. Only line the top lid and be sure to get a thick line. Then, apply a couple coats of your mascara. Then, attach your false eyelashes. Afterward, reapply another coat of mascara to bond your eyelashes with the falsies. To finish off the eyeliner, take your brown charcoal pencil and draw a small wing coming from the bottom lid. This to give the illusion of a shadow. Marilyn always wore very heavy eyelashes and this is to emphasize the glamorous weight of the falsies.

4)For the eyes, begin by taking your fluffy shadow brush and use it to dust a white eyeshadow all over the lid. Then, take your flesh toned shimmer shadow and highlight under the brow.  Using the matte brown eyeshadow, cut the crease of the eye.

5)To do the lips, begin by applying your dark red lipstick onto the lips, generously to make sure

that it is very bold. Generously apply your red lip gloss to give your lips a luminous finish. Marilyn always had very lustrous lips so don't be shy!

6)Lastly, take your black charcoal pencil and draw on Marilyn's famous beauty mark, if you wish you can also fill in your brows creating a sharp arch to mimic Marilyn's eyebrows.




What you'll need:

1)a 1 inch curling iron

2)a wide tooth comb

3)a heat protectant

4)a hair pomade

5)a teasing comb (optional)

6) some hair clips

7)an extra hold hairspray

8)some bobby pins

What you'll do:

1)Begin with straight, dry hair. Spray the hair thoroughly with heat protectant. This is going to shield it from potential damage. Section the hair into five sections: two in the back, and three in the front. Then, apply a nickel sized amount of hair pomade to each section to give it that strong heavy gloss that was prominent in pin up fashion. A nickel sized amount per section should be sufficient.

2)Now, you may begin curling the hair! Take chunky pieces and curl them with your curling iron. Hold them for about 10 seconds. After releasing the curl, roll it up and bobby pin it so that it may retain it's shape. Do this to every section except the front middle section.

3)Because you want to have a heavily voluminous side part, you are going to tease the is section. Raise 2 to 3 inch pieces, take your teasing comb/brush and push the hair down towards the root, creating lift. Spray the roots with the holding spray and continue to curl as before.

3)Once you are entirely finished curling, you may take out all of the bobby pins and let the curls hang loose. Gently comb out the curls using a wide tooth comb, creating a cohesive curl pattern. You may also brush down the roots, except the front middle section, to make your part appear more dramatic in height.



Marilyn Monroe's style doesn't require a specific tutorial. However, you should know that her style was very fun and flirty, never too conservative. She always made use of a combination with colorful patterns, body hugging cuts and the perfect lengths! When choosing your outfits, you should be sure to pick items that are age appropriate yet still have some youthful pizzazz!

This may seem difficult at first to find the correct balance. But, do not give up! Everyone has the ability to customize their style to their liking. Therefore, if you ind that you are having troubles, you should search online for images of Marilyn Monroe's iconic fashions for inspiration. Taking these for ideas, visit your reasonably priced retail stores such as F21 and H&M and see if there are some items that you feel would help you better achieve your desired aesthetic! Because these stores have lower prices, you would be able to experiment and purchase more items than if you went to a luxury department store retailer!

With the tips that you've learned, you can strut your stuff looking like a class A bombshell! You now have the knowledge to werk it just like Marilyn in your makeup, hair and fashion alike!