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Although she has long passed (1993), Audrey Hepburn still remains one of the most influential style icons of the 21st century. When you speak her name, there is almost no one who does not instantly recall the image of the Breakfast at Tiffany's poster in which Miss Audrey Hepburn was elegantly posed. Perhaps this may not be a shocker to you, but even styles of today's youth have been modeled after the famous Audrey Hepburn! After all, her easy, breezy, chic persona is certainly something that many should look to for inspiration. This article shall give you information in depth as to the life of Miss Audrey Hepburn and how her choices have swayed the fashion climate for decades.


The still reigning movie classic from the 1960's, Breakfast at Tiffany's, was the skyrocket of Miss Audrey Hepburn's career. Although she began acting at a young age on Broadway as the title character in the play Gigi, this was the highlight! The movie centered on Tiffany, played by Audrey, who worked as an expensive escort who moved into a fancy New York apartment complex. She sets off to find a rich man to marry and looks fabulous doing such!

In the movie, she is always dressed in a classy yet sassy manner. She was the woman who essentially founded the movement of “the little black dress.” If you are unfamiliar as to what that refers to, the “little black dress” concept is the idea that you can never go wrong with throwing on a simple black dress, knee length or shorter, when trying to be elegant in a time crunch! Often times, you would pair this little black dress with simple makeup including a thick black cat eye, flirty false eyelashes, a little bit of rouge on the apples of the cheeks and a great matte lipstick! This look was very prominent for simple yet sultry appeal in the 1960's and even to this day it holds heavy merit.

This concept is amazing because it allows you to be fabulous on a very limited budget! Thanks to Audrey Hepburn, women of all financial status can be frugal yet formal. The idea is that when shopping, you want to invest in a simple black dress without overly casual materials or distracting patterns such as cotton and stripes. Thus, when it comes time for that Winter Ball that you decided to attend, you can throw on some nice earrings and sparkling pumps and you will be all set! Or when it comes to that interview for that huge promotion, even though you likely won't be an escort, you can add a long cardigan or trendy blazer with basic flats or sensible heels! How about when you and your friends or significant other are planning a night out? You could add some fun jewelry, a vibrant clutch hand bag and a bright lip color to spice it up. As you see, the little black dress concept was ingenious!

AH Pants
AH Pants


Do you remember those high rise slacks with the raised hem lines that you just bought from F21? Well guess what! Those were a signature item for Miss Audrey Hepburn back in her hey day! She may have founded the little black dress, however, she certainly wasn't always dressed up. In case you have not realized it, her style was very relaxed and simple, never too dramatic. In her causal settings, she was very well known for pairing these shortened, slender slacks with modest neck line sweaters. Whether they be turtle necks or sensible scoop necks, it was never too much skin exposed. Yet, she was able to pull it off every single time, leaving her audience in awe, never bored or thinking that her style of attire was too mature.

Despite her youthful and beautiful appearance, you could surely tell that Miss Audrey Hepburn was mature with a great head on her shoulders. She was able to maintain sophistication and sultry appeal without being too overly sexualized, exposed and out of order. She knew the perfect balance of how to be attractive and present yourself in an enticingly elegant manner without looking like she was trying to snatch your beau! This is one of the countless calls for women of today to take a note from her. Although, skin is “in” so to speak and immodest trends are very dominant in today's fashion climate, it's not always best to be so flashy. There is a time and place for everything. Sometimes it is just better suited for everyone to cover up!

AH Eyes
AH Eyes


Have you ever thought about getting that really chic, crazy cool boy cut that you saw on the runway but you were too scared that it might make you look too masculine or negate your femininity? Many of us have. Yet, Audrey Hepburn certainly never did. She had the flair and finesse to be able to rock various forms of what are known as “boy cuts” and still look quite queen like! They varied from a couple of inches long to chin length yet they were always very impressive. Never once were they not paired with those fabulous signature bangs either!

It was more than just her beautiful bone structure, her emerald green doe eyes or even her pouty smile that allowed her to slay all of these styles. It was her confidence! This same confidence should be embedded in women today to be encouraged to try new things and step outside of society's preconceived mold for what is and is not womanly or acceptable! In other words, be a contrarian! Think independently from others. Chill and adapt to the attitude of an easy, breezy sophisticated woman. It's not always about what your peers feel is right, follow your first mind and dare to be different. Aspire to inspire as did Miss Audrey Hepburn.

As you can see, Audrey Hepburn was a remarkable individual and one of the most iconic woman of all time. She maintained a modest yet fashionable wardrobe that exuded sophistication and sass with a touch of elegant demeanor. Women today ought take a look at some of her key elements and try them out in their future style choices. Of course this is not to say you should neglect your personal preferences to mirror her style, it's just a suggestion to switch things up every now and then! Who knows, you may love it!

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