Snowy Day


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Hey Blog!!

Some pictures from the blizzard that hit us about a week ago ! Ha, It was so much snow after a long time of unusual winter that kept me wondering if we are going to get snow at all?!

On Saturday, we were forced to stay indoors and couldn't really do much besides watching movies, eat, drink, play with muffin, then all over again ! Which I can't complain, right? I mean, on week days that's what we all wanna do! ;)

On Sunday, it was finally starting to look better outside and we were able to go out , breath some fresh snow air and take a car stroll around the neighborhood, and take these pictures for you !!

I had a long day today of work and then editing videos. I'm gonna go to the gym now and then eat a late dinner and relax. X



Coat- Zara

Sweater- H&M

Jeans- Levis

Boots- Hunters

Beanie- Topshop