Hi Blog,  

Today is Independance Day in my homeland Israell! It's such a fun night where there's a major fireworks show going in the main square in the city of Tel Aviv. Restaurants, coffee shops and bars are open till very late that night because people hang out all night !

prior to that night, we have memorial day for our troops who had fought and sacrificed their own lives for us to live safely and soundly in our own country. It's a very sad day where multiple families grave the loss of their children and loved ones who died while fighting to protect our country and the people in it. It's unbealivably sad because most of the fighters lost their life at a very  young age,  at only 18 years old.

And as I said, at the end of that day, we celebrate Independence Day to mark our freedom and to give huge appreciation to our army who keep us all safe !

I'm adding a picture from over two years ago in that same date, when Jason and I where living in Tel Aviv and where at the beginning of our relationship.  (this picture was taken with an old iPhone 4 so please excuse me for the poor quality )!

Wishing everyone a happy day !!