Repost Repost + Life Update


Hi Blog !! I know it's been a while since my latest blog, but it's cause I've been very busy since we moved to Chicago !

So yeah, in my last post I mentioned I will have some news to share with you guys, and there you have it- Jason and I moved to Chicago for the time being, his work relocated him here.

We are now staying in a sublet apartment, which we found through "Airbnb" and we are looking for a permenent apartment in the meantime.

Last Saturday, we left our house in New York and started driving over here to Chicago, we stopped at a few rest stops thought the way, took turns in the driving, and spent the night in Michigan. Then on Sunday morning we continued driving, till we finally arrived in Chicago. I think the driving itself without the stops was probably 15 hours.

A vlog with our apartment hunting experience in Chicago will be up soon - so stay tuned for more updates !

Love you my readers !!