Next Stop: TEL AVIV


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DSC_2956 DSC_2867 Hi blog!!

Now it's time for some pictures from our Tel Aviv stop ! I wish there was a way to document every moment of us being there so you could see how special this place is, and how much fun we had. I made a short video that highlights our stay there but I really wish I had my vlogging camera with me at that time. I think it was there that I realized I should start vlogging with all the traveling we've done so far, and so that I can take everyone that's reading my blog with me ! haha

This is probably gonna be the first part (out of..who knows,lol) of our Tel Aviv trip, which we did in end of December after our London stop.

Here, I was wearing this comfy oversized plaid shirt with skinny jeans. And I think that Oversized shirt + Skinny jeans/leggings look is really becoming my "uniform" every day haha! Maybe it's winter that makes me feel comfortable in this effortless look..

Thank you for joining this trip with me !!! Stay tuned for MORE !!



Plaid Shirt- Brandy Melville

Jeans- Zara

Booties- Topshop

Bag- Coach

Sunnies- Prada