My Birthday


unnamed-2 Jason and I celebrated the weekend before my birthday in Manhattan. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate but we didn't let the cold rain bring us down.  On Saturday morning, we walked around Soho and had sushi at this place Blue Ribbon. Then exhausted from the day, we saw the movie The Martian at Lincoln Center. Awesome movie.  A little long and drawn out but I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to chill for a few hours. I think Matt Damon was great and I related to the theme.  On Sunday we had brunch at Balthazar in Soho, I had a delicious Belgian waffle. Happy 22 to me! :)

About the Martian - The main thing that differentiated this movie from other "cast away" types is that the main character took his struggle rather well.  Actually he took his circumstances more like a challenge. And, this was the point that the writers were trying to convene.  Matt Damon's character was passionate about what he did (science) and was up to the task of surviving with limited resources.  As he said in the movie, "you solve one problem at a time, then solve the next and then the next and if you solve enough problems, you survive."  He took each day not as a struggle but as a challenge and I think that this is tremendously powerful.  Eventually, life gets extremely tough.  Change your attitude, love what you do and every obstacle will become a challenge rather than a struggle.