Meet Maple


Meet our second baby- Miss Maple !! When we first moved in Chicago, Jason and I knew that we want to get another dog, mostly for Muffin, so that he doesn't feel alone and have company with him. As we arrived at our sublet place, we started looking and researching on dog breeders around our area, we also went to few rescue shelters, and then we discovered a breeder who lives 20 minutes away from us, we met someone who recommended her, so we decided to go and check it ! We then found our little angel there, and she was so sweet because, we were playing with different puppys there, trying to feel if we are falling for any of them, and then came Maple, the woman who breeds the puppies, had just given her a shower, and I just felt as if Maple was preparing for us, like she knew she's gonna get a new home even before we even came there. Funny, when we first got Muffin at the store in New York, we talked with the dog trainer who explained to us about him, and at the same time they took Muffin and gave him a shower !!

If you're curious, Maple is half Yorkie and half Shih Tzu, and was born on December 26, 2014 (such a baby 🐣) !!! lol . Right now she weighs almost 3 pounds, and expected to be around 7 pounds max.

Be sure to check out my video that's gonna be up later on my channel, to see the first moments we spent with Maple !!!!