little black dress.. Is always a good idea


On our first night in Cancun, we went to eat at one of the restaurants that our hotel had offered, it was a mexican style food which was delicious ! We then took the bus down the main street and walked around the flea market and the night life area.

I was wearing a black knee length skin tight dress that I got at Forever21 and was actually super comfortable and I was able to wear it without a bra !(surprising) Normally this doesn't happen! (to all my readers who are busty, i'm sure you can relate)!

The only thing that sucks about this dress though, since it's a skin tight dress, after you eat or drink, your stomach gonna show a little so in my case, I decided to tie my jean jacket around my waist to hide it ;) Since i'm not a fan of Spanx or stuff like these.



Dress- Forever21

Jacket- Levis

Heels- Joie