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Hi blog!!

These pictures remind me how much I love Tel Aviv. Jason, mom, my sister Noa and I strolled around the magical streets of Old Jaffa, enjoying the sunny day.  Throughout our stroll, we had discovered different boutique stores, art galleries, and unique food outlets where we stopped for a tasting. This area was so lively.

I love what I wore here because it was super comfortable and chic for a day that included ton of walking. (we literally got there in the morning and left in the evening).

I'm also gonna upload a post dedicated to the food we had in Tel Aviv!  It deserves its own post! lol.  I made a joke on my Instagram that due to all of my food pictures, this blog is turning into more of a places for foodies...which isn't bad since we all love food :  )

I also wanna dedicate this post to my lovely Prada sunglasses that I got in London. I am super picky when it comes to sunglasses and I always have a hard time choosing the right pair for me. As I mentioned on my wishlist, I really wanted a pair of aviator sunglasses even though they never fit to the shape of my face. I thought I found the perfect pair of aviator sunglasses; but when I was in the store in London I was trying them on again and this time I felt as if they were just another typical pair of aviators, and the kind that every second girl in the street has... But then I saw these Prada beauties and it simply caught my eyes! When I tried them on I felt so classy and chic, in a different level! They're not just another pair of black sunglasses, they are so unique and glamorous! The "cat eye" shape they have really flatters the face! I am so in love with them, and literally everytime I take them out of their box and put them on - I feel like a million bucks!! =)



Jacket- Topshop

Shirt- Brandy Melville

Jeans- Topshop

Sneakers- Adidas Stan Smith

Bag- Coach

Sunglasses- Prada