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Hello Guys!

When you live in Manhattan, the only quick way to travel is by Subway. But, unfortunately for me, I hate subways : / and would literally prefer to use any other public transportation, if it is too far to walk. There are things about the subway that I just can't take.  Like when it’s packed and people are pushing you during the morning commute or afternoon rush hour.  And the fact that the train is underground and I feel like if something happened like a fire or anything, I wouldn’t be able to simply run away.  Imagine the people panicking?  Also, most subway stations are so dirty where just the thought of going down the staircase makes me shiver in disgust.

Jason and I recently started using the bus line and, so far, it’s great.  You can commute with cell phone service and air conditioning, work on your laptop or read.  And, there are always seats (from my experience), basically, you get more space. The only minus here is that you have to stick to the times of the bus which you can find in the bus station, and the ride might take a little longer during rush hour.

Taxis aren't a bad idea too as long as you don’t mind poorly hygenic drivers yelling which always seem to talking (often, yelling) on the phone in their native tongue.  Who are they always talking to? Or you must not mind that they don't give a fuck about getting in an accident and drive like Charlie Sheen at 2AM on a Saturday night.  Taxi drivers + NYC traffic = Bad Idea!

I am not even going to consider driving yourself here.  I just feel like it’s pointless and I could never see myself driving in the city, nor do I want to.  Paying $750 per month to park my car coupled with the headache of sitting in traffic everyday isn't worth it.

But, when I go cross-town (east to west or west to east), there is one subway line I don't mind taking.  You can pick it up at the Hudson Yard station (the 7 train) located in Midtown West.  The station was recently built and surprisingly empty since midtown west isn't a crowded area (yet).  The architecture is really cool also,  something I definitely suggest tourists go see.

I took some pictures to show you how it is on a weekend.  During the week it is even less crowded.

If only all subway stations could look like this one, life wouldn’t be that bad guys. lol




 Leather Jacket+Tank Top+Jeans+Boots: Topshop

Hoodie: Uniqlo

Backpack: Kanken