Central Park For The MR.


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I took my cutie pup for a stroll around Central Park (he just loves it)! We love to walk and see all kinds of doggies out there, muffin is blooming every time we go there, because he is such a social and freindly dog he will jump on everyone, try to play with everybody, and he loves to be the center of attention!

Like I wrote in the - meet muffin box, He is half Havanese and half Shih Tzu, and this is a great mix because the are usually very friendly, cheerful, energetic and great with kids ! This breed also doesn't shed and stops growing at around 17 pounds. I would absolutely recommend this breed if you're looking to get a dog - you will not regret it ! Jason and I love our dog so much, we would do anything for him ! He is so precious and melts our hearts with the things he does, and i'm just dying every time he rests his little head on me! We just can't wait to get him a little sister!

That day was also his shower day of the week (I give him a shower once a week), and as you can see in the pictures he's not enjoying his shower ! In one picture you can actually read his reaction like : "mommy, I am begging you- get me out of here!" lol. Muffin has a cute pajama he likes to wear at night!

I hope you enjoy your weekend !! X DANA

Shirt: American Eagle

Shorts: H&M

Flip Flops: Tory Burch

Bag: Furla