Burgundy Vibes


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Jason and I strolled around the city on a cold and windy day.  Summer has been over for about a month or so and I can't decide yet if I like this time of the year or not. I mean, it's beautiful. The leaves being all different colors and the comfort of being able to take a deep breath and walk around without sweating.   I'm definitely a beach gal.  I love summer fashion.  Being able to wear vibrant colors and it being so much quicker to dress. You sure don't have to worry about carrying a jacket, scarf, or gloves.

In Israel, the place I grew up, you don't really see the change of seasons.  There is no fall or spring, just summer and winter (which aren't nearly as bad as in NY).  So, it's refreshing to experience the change in the seasons.  But, one thing is sure- I am really not ready for winter! Hell no! If it was like last year, I will be suffering from December to March.  I think I'm going to have to take post pictures inside soon : /.

Jason and I begin almost every Saturday during the Fall or Winter at Magnolia Bakery (because who doesn't like to start their morning sweet lol).  This time, we shared a slice of their Halloween themed "Devil's Food" cheesecake- which was amazing!!! I think it's my favorite dessert there.  Enough substance to fill you up, but sweet enough to  be considered a dessert.  Their sweet cheese is so rich and creamy and their cake is light as a feather.  I'm not sure if they have this cake just for Halloween or all year round, but i'm really hoping it's the latter.

Walking around the city during Halloween, you see pumpkins everywhere.  And, not just in Starbucks, which is always backed with those satisfying their pumpkin spice latte addiction. Even mega-market Fairway decorated with pumpkins and even sold tiny red pumpkins as flower bouquets ?! Never seen that before!

The oversized knitted sweater and boots wss the perfect choice for a Saturday.  It kept me warm and I was able to walk the streets without any foot pain :  ).  I think the hat really put together the outfit and made it less "boring." But what really made this outfit was the choice of color. Burgundy offsets real well against the colors of Fall (orange, brown, green). Mixing it with black pants is a sure fire way to stand out.



         Hat: Century 21

Knitted Sweater: American Apparel

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Sam Edelman