Boho Chic In Jerusalem
















I recently took a quick trip back to my hometown, Tel Aviv. One day during my visit, my mom, sister and a family friend visited Jerusalem for the day.

If you didn't know, Jerusalem can be divided between the "new" and "old" city.  It is in the old city that you will find some of the most famous religious sites including: the Church of the Holy Seplicur, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.  On this day we started at the Western Wall.  After, we walked through the marketplace (which connects the four "sections" of the old city.  Not eating all day, I was super hungry and every restaurant in the old city was tempting.  But, I stayed strong knowing that I would soon eat in one of the greatest outdoor markets in the world.  This was extremely hard since I'm the type of person that needs something in my stomach the moment I wake up in the morning.

Thankfully, we reached Manahe Yehuda market and I was rewarded for my struggle.  Ton's of amazing food in every direction.   If you haven't been here, it is very colorful and lively.  You can find the most authentic food and other materials, such as leather goods and handmade china (not some mass produced cheaply made item).  We sat to eat brunch at a nice place and later, got some pasteries from one of the local vendors.

Since Jerusalem in August is scorching hot, I knew I had to wear something loose.  I found a boho top in my closet with great details by the waist and thought it would fit.  Since Jerusalem is more religious than other areas of Israel, I decided I had to cover up so I wore stretchy jeans from Topshop which are so comfy ! It almost felt like wearing leggings, but ones that are stylish! I added this interesting necklace my sister gave me to add some contrast to an all black outfit (note: unless you are going for that "goth" look, don't dress in all black).  Instead of a bag I took a backpack since it was large enough to carry everything needed for a full day out.

Look forward to a future post about the Manahe Yehuda market.





Shirt+Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Topshop

Backpack: H&M

Small Bag: Coach