Feeling Green


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Today, Jason and I visited this beautiful venue called Oheaka Castle in Long Island for brunch.  If you don't know, Taylor Swift shot her "Blank Space" video here.

Oheka is gorgeous! An old castle located in the middle of the forest with a huge library overlooking a three acre garden.  Everywhere you turn there is green, which makes me feel that I am living in harmony with the environment. For fashion, Green is one of my favorite colors. Especially a dark green, which is perfect for hot summer days as it makes you feel "cooler."  But Green isn't only for summer.  I have always thought that olive or camo green jackets work well in fall, as they blend in with the brownish/orange leaves on the trees and ground.

The staff at Oheka was preparing for an evening wedding and we were fortunate to see the layout. Btw; how beautiful are the white flowers on that table? I am a flower junkie, but restrict myself to buying only on Fridays so I have them for the weekend !

I hope everyone is having a great day!! XOXO DANA

Dress: Zara

Necklace: Swarovski

Watch: Michael Kors