Happy Morning

by Dana

Helloooo blog! i'm back with a few throwback pictures from Carmel by the sea; where I was so happy holding my cup of tea wearing a big white sweatshirt that was super comfy since it was pretty chilly outside!

My ultimate happy morning starts when I get up early (note: I actually found that waking up early helps your day be more productive; It took me some time to reach that conclusion because I used to get up late on days offs and such , and it really affected the rest of my day). Personally i'm always hungry when I get up in the morning for some reason, so I always make my breakfast right after I wash up. what I've been eating for breakfast for the past few months is two toasted slices of bread with butter and honey! (LOVE honey)!! and obviously a cup of coffee ! I found that this works best for me ! After I'm done with my breakfast, I take my two dogs for a walk which usually is about 15 minutes, then I head back home and start editing pictures for the blog and Instagram. 

Once I got that done i'm really very happy with myself. considering I got up early that day it means I have time to go for a jog or take my dogs for a long walk, or take outfit pictures!

Hope you are all having a happy morning or evening wherever you are in the world !!

Dana, xo

wearing: Brandy Melville sweater.

wearing: Brandy Melville sweater.