Details lately

by Dana | 9:35

Photography+Styling: Dana Clerici

Photography+Styling: Dana Clerici

Few items lying on my bed; i'm wearing this leather jacket a lot lately because its pretty chilly at night here in santa monica. The white tee I got in a store called Subdued it's a very basic and simple white tee but the fabric is really soft and feels nice on the skin. Favorite perfume lately is Dolce & Gabbana number 3. funny story, this used to be my favorite perfume during high school, I literally used to wear it everyday before I left to school. the scent of this perfume is very fresh, delicate and smells like a bouquet of fresh chopped flowers! When I saw that they carry this perfume in Sephora, I knew I had to add it to my growing collection of perfumes (!) since i'm addicted to scents and perfumes , and I truly never leave home without spraying some cologne on me !

watch is by Michael Kors, I like this one a lot and wear it all the time. I am going to start shooting items that I've been wearing a lot each month\every few weeks, post it here and talk about the items and give you recommendations !

Happy Friday loves !!!!!!