coffee stop

by Dana | 11:37

Photo by: Jason Kirsch | Styling: Dana Clerici

Photo by: Jason Kirsch | Styling: Dana Clerici

Stopping by my recent favorite coffee shop in downtown Santa Monica called Espresso Cielo. I discovered this cute spot while I was walking in that area one time and I keep coming back. This place is designed beautifully featuring a marble inspired counter and matching blue stools.
A huge old clock in the colors of black and gold is decorating the wall and cool light bulbs are hanging from the ceiling.  The energy in there is amazing and very welcoming, it is always nice to just sit down and catch up on some work if you have the time of course. 

I kept my outfit here pretty simple and urban wearing leather jacket, white tee and some faded blue jeans and my vans. Can't go wrong wearing Vans. 

Happy Tuesday Loves !!!