Neon Marks

by Dana | 12:34

bra - Underarmour | leggings - LilyBod | Photo by: Jason Kirsch

bra - Underarmour | leggings - LilyBod | Photo by: Jason Kirsch

I'm back with another update! I think I have spoken about how much i'm not into gyms or crossfit and all of that before, I always prefer a nice jog outside and doing activities outdoors. Finding the right pair of leggings or tees for a workout could be hard, personally I love leggings that are very stretchy and prefer a high waist ones. I found these pair of leggings from a brand called - LILYBOD and they fit well and are just perfect ! I went for a size small and it worked out and actually fit really good, they are a bit long around the ankles but i just pulled them up which is something I normally do with my leggings anyway. 

I love the neon stripes on these pair it adds some style and the texture of the fabric is soft and nice, I love how my skin can "breath" through the fabric while I work out. 

This brand offers different leggings in interesting styles and looks, you can check out their website here ->

Dana, xo