breakfast with roses

by Dana  |  11:08 

Magazine: Porter | Photo & Styling : Dana Clerici

Magazine: Porter | Photo & Styling : Dana Clerici

Good morning Tuesday !! Here's a perfect example of what i eat for breakfast.. when I get up I'm usually very hungry, strange? (lol) so I always make sure to make breakfast after I wash up.. A typical breakfast would be : cup of coffee which I always have in a white ceramic mug (that was probably made for tea originally) and is from- Anthropologie. I think that it's all about the mug when you drink coffee/tea and it is more fun that way!            

As for eating, 2 slices of toasted bread with butter and honey are normally enough and fill me up for the next two hours.. 

Here, I had Porter Magazine joining me for breakfast accompanied by 3 yellow roses :)

On today's "to do" list it's editing, editing, taking pictures, editing and then jogging at some point!