Carmel By the sea

by Dana


Traveling always sounds so exciting, right? Whether if it's in your country or abroad, something about that word or idea about traveling sounds fun and uplifting , like a new adventure that's about to begin. I love traveling and the first thing i always think about is my camera ! I have to take lots of good pictures of everything so that I can look back at them when the vacation is over and remember all of the sweet moments of that time ! Creating memories.. 

To be honest, the part that I hate the most about traveling is the packing! Personally i have a little list with me of all things necessary, So that i never forget something important that I can't live without lol. (i mean who wants to be stuck without their phone charger ? or eyeglasses/contacts ) How do you pack your belongings when you travel ? Do you keep some kind of a list as well?

Last weekend Jason and I traveled to Carmel in California , a dive of about 5 hours from where we live. I guess we didn't do a good enough search because the drive turned to be so much farther ahead than what we had expected. But when we finally got there it was really beautiful and so we had appreciated being there . It's a little town by the water which is very charming and pastoral. there were cute little shops, restaurants and galleries and it had it's own style, very different than the big cities we are used to..

I'll continue my stories in the next post ! Right now, i'm gonna finish editing pictures and then go for a jog !

Have a beautiful day wherever you are!


sweater - H&M

sweater - H&M