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Hello everyone!

I'm back today after a long time I haven't updated my blog ;| About two months ago I moved to Los Angeles, California and so I would say the past 3 months have been super hectic and stressful. I moved out here together with my husband and we did a crazy long drive all the way from Chicago to California. Meaning that we spent a whole week on the road, driving from state to state, sleeping at different hotels each night, driving more and stopping every few hours to stretch our bodies and walk and breath fresh air :) The first 3 days we drove about 11-12 hours a day which sounds crazy - I know! We drove through snow, rain, sand, sun, dessert and canyons. Oh, did i mention we had our two dogs with us ? Yes, they were sleeping most of the time at the backseat of our car lol..

What can I say, It was worth it though. We created lots of memories and experiences !

Happy Friday Everyone - I'm gonna post pictures from our journey in here in the next days !