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Army Vibes


Hi Blog !

This outfit from today brings me back to my army days, where I served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) for 2 years.
Looking back today, I can tell that it taught me a lot, shaped me as a person and prepared me for life. Because life is surprising and not always easy, and we need to deal with many different things each day.

I love this army inspired jacket that I got from Urban Outfitters, it was actually on sale in the Men’s section. haha. Sometimes the guys get the cooler cloths!

Wishing everyone a beautiful week !

Jacket- Urban Outfitters
Shirt- Brandy Melville
Jeans- ZARA
Sandals- Sam Edelman

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Hi Blog,


Today is Independance Day in my homeland Israell! It’s such a fun night where there’s a major fireworks show going in the main square in the city of Tel Aviv. Restaurants, coffee shops and bars are open till very late that night because people hang out all night !

prior to that night, we have memorial day for our troops who had fought and sacrificed their own lives for us to live safely and soundly in our own country. It’s a very sad day where multiple families grave the loss of their children and loved ones who died while fighting to protect our country and the people in it. It’s unbealivably sad because most of the fighters lost their life at a very  young age,  at only 18 years old.

And as I said, at the end of that day, we celebrate Independence Day to mark our freedom and to give huge appreciation to our army who keep us all safe !

I’m adding a picture from over two years ago in that same date, when Jason and I where living in Tel Aviv and where at the beginning of our relationship.  (this picture was taken with an old iPhone 4 so please excuse me for the poor quality )!

Wishing everyone a happy day !!


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little black dress.. Is always a good idea


On our first night in Cancun, we went to eat at one of the restaurants that our hotel had offered, it was a mexican style food which was delicious !

We then took the bus down the main street and walked around the flea market and the night life area.

I was wearing a black knee length skin tight dress that I got at Forever21 and was actually super comfortable and I was able to wear it without a bra !(surprising) Normally this doesn’t happen! (to all my readers who are busty, i’m sure you can relate)!

The only thing that sucks about this dress though, since it’s a skin tight dress, after you eat or drink, your stomach gonna show a little so in my case, I decided to tie my jean jacket around my waist to hide it 😉 Since i’m not a fan of Spanx or stuff like these.



Dress- Forever21

Jacket- Levis

Heels- Joie




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Hi my loves !!!

We are back from Mexico ! And i’m bringing you all of the pics we took in our special trip right here !!

So basically, we flew to Cancun, Mexico last Saturday, and we stayed there for 3 nights – It was the first time i’ve ever been to Mexico and I had so much fun!

From there we then flew to New York to attend my sister in law’s wedding, which there I was a bridesmaid (my first time ever )! haha

Stay tuned for more pics from Cancun + for pics of my first experience as a bridesmaid !



Bikini- Topshop



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DSC_2316 (1)






Hi my lovely readers !

I’m posting pictures from a day where I was so happy and natural, and so do these pictures make it one of my favorite photo session i’ve ever taken !

Maybe it was thanks to the oversized blouse I was wearing, which made me feel the sweet summer breeze blowing through it?!

Lately i’m in love with oversized blouses and ripped boyfriend jeans, and if Ipair it with a neutral colored high sandals it’s even better ! I can’t wait to wear my oversized blouse with short jeans when it gets warmer !!!



Blouse- Urban Outfitters

Jeans- Forever 21

Sandals- SamEdelman


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Day Dreaming











Hi Blog !!!

From these pics here, it sims like it was such a sunny and warm day outside ! But no! I was freezing. It was so windy outside and we were struggling to take good pictures.

I also think I caughta little cold, because i’m feeling kinda weak, and my throat hurts !?I’m dreamingof summer days, and how I would lay on the hot sand looking at the ocean water…. When really, i’m freezing my ass off right now, writing this post cause I left the window open !!

Hope you all having a good day !!!




Leather Vest – Zara

Blouse – Topshop

Jeans – JBrand

Shoes – Topshop

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Meet Maple


Meet our second baby- Miss Maple !!

When we first moved in Chicago, Jason and I knew that we want to get another dog, mostly for Muffin, so that he doesn’t feel alone and have company with him. As we arrived at our sublet place, we started looking and researching on dog breeders around our area, we also went to few rescue shelters, and then we discovered a breeder who lives 20 minutes away from us, we met someone who recommended her, so we decided to go and check it ! We then found our little angel there, and she was so sweet because, we were playing with different puppys there, trying to feel if we are falling for any of them, and then came Maple, the woman who breeds the puppies, had just given her a shower, and I just felt as if Maple was preparing for us, like she knew she’s gonna get a new home even before we even came there. Funny, when we first got Muffin at the store in New York, we talked with the dog trainer who explained to us about him, and at the same time they took Muffin and gave him a shower !!

If you’re curious, Maple is half Yorkie and half Shih Tzu, and was born on December 26, 2014 (such a baby🐣) !!! lol . Right now she weighs almost 3 pounds, and expected to be around 7 pounds max.

Be sure to check out my video that’s gonna be up later on my channel, to see the first moments we spent with Maple !!!!





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Towers In The Sky






Hi blog !!

You probably have been wondering where I’ve been… it’s been so long since I last posted something !?

As I mentioned in one of my videos, Jason and I moved to Chicago. And, up until a week ago, we were living in a sublet house which we found through Airbnb. At the beginning of our stay at the sublet, we were looking for an apartment – each and every day. After a few weeks of searching,we found a really cute apartment that captured our hearts at first glance (stay tuned for an apartment tour ), and that is where we are now !

So for the last couple ofweeks we have beenworking hard on unpacking boxes, putting everything together, building stufffrom IKEA (😝),constantly running out and getting things/ looking for furniture for the apartment, and slowly it is allcoming together !

I’ve been also vlogging a lot and I just found tons of footage on my camera, so BE SURE to check out my Vlogs on my youtube channel !!

Up here there are photos I took when we visited Millenium Park in Chicago. I was wearing that Levis denim jacket which looked super chic and also pretty casual. I really love this jacket and recommend it ! You can combine it with anything basically. A maxi dress and sneakers, or a pair of skinny jeans and platforms !

Hope you enjoy !!!



Jacket- Levis

Shirt- Free People

Jeans- Free People

Booties- Topshop

Bag- Longchamp

Sunglasses- Prada


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Late Winter



It’s so windy in Chicago !! SO freaking windy that yesterday, when I was walking Muffin I felt like the wind is going to blow me away. Jason and I also had some errands to do yesterday evening and it was just unbearable to walk to places with that crazy wind…. I’m almost sure I caught a little cold too, because my throat is sour. =(

So here is an idea for a late winter outfit, which is how I like to define the outfits I’m wearing right now since it’s still cold.

The boots i’m wearing here are basically rain boots, but they’re totally cool to wear anyway you want to !!!

ohh ! MAKE SURE to check out my latest video featuring this outfit, here.

Have a lovely Thursday !!!!!


Coat- Uniqlo

Shirt- Abercrombie

Jeans- Topshop

Booties- Just Cavalli

Bag- Longchamp

Sunnies- Prada

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Hi My Lovelies !!

Lounging in my Calvins & doing nothing is what i’m best at ! I do itevery day….all day ! JOKING,… lol, I’m a very hard working girl, and love to fill up my to do list with new things every day. There’s no better feeling as the totalsatisfaction I getwhenmarking “V” on as many tasks as possible !

A really helpful tip to have a more organized day, or balance stress is to make a To Do List, every morning of the things that you want to accomplish that day. Having it all written on a piece of paper (or an index card) is one way to tell yourself- let’s do something today! And it’s addictive, because when you finish doing one thing and take that out of the list, you wanna do more tasks to feel even more satisfied with yourself. I find it best to make three to do lists. One for daily tasks. One for Weekly Tasks and, another for more longer term.

And for some reason I feel much less stressed when I write down things I need to do. Maybe becausethenI clear out my mind a little ? And not constantly think of more things to do..And then I have a salad in my head?! lol

Give it a try.



Shirt+Panties- Calvin Klein (bought at Urban Outfitters)