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Homemade Hot Chocolate


What’s better than cuddling up to some hot chocolate when it’s a chilly day outside ??

Here’s a quick recipe that anyone can make at home!

You’ll need:

– About 10 squares of your favorite chocolate (I picked Kinder Chocolate because it’s absolutely delicious )!

– 2 tbs of Cocoa powder

– 1 cup of milk

– 3/4 boiled water

– Optional : A few marshmallows for decoration

– Your favorite mug

Let’s Start :

Place your chocolate squares to the bottom of a mug. Add the cocoa powder, boiled water and stir it all together for a good minute till nice and mixed.
Use a milk steamer to warm your milk. (if you don’t have one you can either warm it in the microwave or on the stove).
Pour your warm milk into the mug and stir all the ingredients together one more time.
Add the marshmallows, and Enjoy!

This quick and easy recipe is delicious and good to try on a weekend or on a cozy night at home !

More recipes to come !


Shirt – Aritzia

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hello from the other side


A few photos from the hotel room we stayed at in LA.
We stayed at The Kinney hotel on Venice Beach as I mentioned in on of my latest posts, the hotel was very retro looking.
The room was unique and had a colorful wallpaper, there were comics pictures hanging on the wall and an old phone by the bed.
I’m not a fan of retro stuff but it was cool to see a hotel designed like that.

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See you later LA


A few more pictures from my LA trip !
It was a lot of fun, and we’ll definitely be back soon !
Now back to work here in Chicago, It’s a very windy day! I’m working on the computer now and opened the window to let some air in and I can literally here and feel the wind.

If you’re not following my Instagram account, you should because I upload new pictures every day !


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Life in pink


More pics from LA !

One of the things that were on my to do list was to find THAT Pink Wall !
And I actually had no clue where was it ! At one point, Jason and I drove to Melrose Ave to find the Nasty Gal store, and then we passed by the pink wall! So we parked the car and run over there to snap some pics !!
We also found a grey wall that reads- Made In LA, which was a few blocks further.

I was also excited to see the first Brandy Melville store which is on Santa Monica boulevard , and surprisingly, the sails girls were actually nice there.


Jeans – LEVIS
Sneakers – ADIDAS

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LA Lifestyle


Jason and I had just got back from LA ! We were there for 4 days and it was a lot of fun!
We stayed at a really cute boutique hotel on Venice Beach, called “The Kinney”.
Since we stayed in Venice, we started the first day exploring Venice, and we actually walked ^ miles that day ! We started walking from our hotel to the beach which took us about 15 minutes, we then continued to a street called Abbot Kinney where we stopped to grab lunch at a cute cafe called GreenLeaf and we then grabbed ice cream for dessert (!) from the next door ice cream place!!
We continued walking and found ourselves in the Santa Monica promenade – which was absolutely beautiful and had every clothing store possible there !!


Green Blouse – ZARA
Shorts – Brandy Melville
Sneakers – ADIDAS


Rainy Day


Lately it’s been raining here in Chicago almost every day. It’s humid too. It rains for a little then it stops. which is good, i guess.
I’m happy it’s Friday ! And i’m off from work, So that’s even better !!
Posting some pics that Jason and I took a few days ago. I’m wearing these super stretchy leggings from Aritzia that are made of vegan leather! At first I wasn’t even sure i’m gonna fit into then, because they seemed very tight, but they stretch out and fit themselves to your body shape!

Should I do some clothing review??

Happy Friday Everyone!!


leggings+hat – ARITZIA
backpack – NORDSTORM

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Grey II


I love to wear grey. Black and grey are my go to colors. Maybe because they’re both neutral colors, so wearing them is always a “safe” choice.
I’m thinking to film a “what to wear when you’re in a rush” or last minute outfits kind of video, because I’m sure that’s an issue that a lot of girls have, including me , lol.

Also, in one of my last posts, I mentioned grey sweatpants that I got at Athleta – SO HERE THEY ARE !! And seriously, they’re so comfy that i’ve been wearing them every other day lately !(and i’m not feeling bad about it )! =)


Sweatpants – Athleta
Green Jacket – ZARA
Sneakers – NIKE

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Army + white blouse


A few snaps of my outfit wearing my army pants from forever 21, which are actually very comfortable and i’ve been wearing them a lot lately !
A white blouse is a must in every closet, because it’s very neutral and you can pair it up very easily !
Hope everyone is having a lovely day !


blouse – TOPSHOP
pants – FOREVER21
shoes – RANDOM (!)
jewelry – PINK CLOUDS

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Sunset View


Hi blog!

I know it’s been long since my last post, but I recently started working at a coffee shop by where I live, so i’ve been a little busy.

A few days ago when Jason and I took a trip to the city, we walked by a street in the Gold Coast area of Chicago, which had all these beautiful shops and I then passed by Athleta, which if you’re not familiar with the store, it’s a sports and yoga wear; and a funny fact, I actually never been to that store before. I always pass by it but never bothered to check it out.
So then on that day I noticed that they had cool trainers on the mannequin and I went inside to try it on !
I ended up buying these trainers, because they were super comfortable, chic, grey (!!) and I refused to take them off when I wear them! (did I say comfy already)??

I’m gonna upload pics with these cuties very soon- stay tuned !

Also, I upload photos to Instagram daily- So always make sure to check it out =)


Shorts – LEVIS
Sneakers – Random

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I love the idea of going to a bakery. I know, I wish everything was as easy as getting fat, right?
But really, it is just a fun place to be and open your morning with a smell of freshly baked pastry and the strong aroma of coffee.
love it !

Wearing my favorite blouse currently, from Urban ! the color is light blue and the texture is so comfortable when you put it on your body. You just have to be careful when wearing certain jewelry so that it won’t get caught with the blouse’s material.

Wishing everyone a lovely day !


Shorts- LEVIS