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Sunset View


Hi blog!

I know it’s been long since my last post, but I recently started working at a coffee shop by where I live, so i’ve been a little busy.

A few days ago when Jason and I took a trip to the city, we walked by a street in the Gold Coast area of Chicago, which had all these beautiful shops and I then passed by Athleta, which if you’re not familiar with the store, it’s a sports and yoga wear; and a funny fact, I actually never been to that store before. I always pass by it but never bothered to check it out.
So then on that day I noticed that they had cool trainers on the mannequin and I went inside to try it on !
I ended up buying these trainers, because they were super comfortable, chic, grey (!!) and I refused to take them off when I wear them! (did I say comfy already)??

I’m gonna upload pics with these cuties very soon- stay tuned !

Also, I upload photos to Instagram daily- So always make sure to check it out =)


Shorts – LEVIS
Sneakers – Random

Lifestyle Outfits



I love the idea of going to a bakery. I know, I wish everything was as easy as getting fat, right?
But really, it is just a fun place to be and open your morning with a smell of freshly baked pastry and the strong aroma of coffee.
love it !

Wearing my favorite blouse currently, from Urban ! the color is light blue and the texture is so comfortable when you put it on your body. You just have to be careful when wearing certain jewelry so that it won’t get caught with the blouse’s material.

Wishing everyone a lovely day !


Shorts- LEVIS

Accessories Outfits

White Lace Summer


Hi blog!!

Whenever I wanna feel good, I like to wear white lace. I’m a HUGE fan of lace in every way! Black lace is obviously more sophisticated and would go better if you’re looking to wear something for a night out. Where white lace is so delicate, relaxing, and even tempting !

Wearing it makes me feel good already, like i’m living in a dream or something, lol.

This dress i’m wearing here, is actually more like a tunic, where you wear it over leggings or denim. I got it from pacsun one time that I shopped there.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day or night!



Events Lifestyle

Happy Birthday Blog

happy bday blog_

My blog is turning 1 year today !
Wow, I can’t believe that a year has been past since I started my personal blog. It seems like i’ve been doing it forever !
I really wanted to start a blog so that I can have all of my moments and experiences in one place so that I can always look back and see all of the fun moments and memories I’d gone through.
And of course so that I can share it with my readers !

Cheers for more happy moments to come !



Everyday Life Outfits



I’ve always been fascinated with lights! Candles, stream lights, fireworks, anything sparkly !
That’s why you would find a lot of shining lights if you walked into my place ! lol, it makes everything more special !
So that explains why I took pictures when I’ve got stream lights in my hands! cool.
As for my outfit here; I love overalls ! Who doesn’t ! They’re always comfy, and once you put them on- you’re good to go.
And that’s why I wore my favorite overall at the moment- red, yellow white stripes from Zara!
I have to write it once again, just so you could really get an idea of how comfy they are ! If it’s a super hot day outside- this is the only thing i can think of wearing, ha!

Love, DANA





One of my greatest buys ever is this blue over the shoulder dress from Zara !
I know this dress is a hit now, because I constantly see girls wearing it but truly, this dress is awesome !
This dress screams summer! It’s super comfortable and chic, the cut and texture is great, everything about this dress is amazing !
Here I was going to dinner and wore my pointed black heels with it, but I can’t wait to try this dress with some white sneakers !

Btw, I opened an Instagram account for my dogs and it’s super adorable, you can check them out right here !



Dress- ZARA
High heels- Sam Edelman
Bandana- H&M




My pups and I love to take long walks together !
But when it comes to take pictures together- it is almost impossible ! They hate the camera. -_-
Does your dog do the the same?
I did want to share some pictures from a day that we actually were able to snap a few pictures of maple !
How cute is she?! Little twin star !

Hope your day is going great !

Much love, DANA

Hat- H&M
Sweater- Brandy Melville
Jeans- Free People
Wedges- Steve Madden
Bag- Furla
Special Guest- Maple Monroe

Everyday Life Lifestyle

Bomber Power


Hi blog !!

Wearing one of my recent finds here ! This cool burgundy bomber jacket from Urban ! Wearing it makes me feel like i’m one of the cool kids, haha =O
seriously, this jacket’s texture is nice and smooth and it sits perfect on your body, and you don’t feel like you threw a heavy jacket on yourself. Super comfy ! Since the color is burgundy, it makes it easier to match this with any black leggings, maxi dress, denim you have !

Hope everyone is having a great day !

Love, D

Bomber Jacket- Urban Outfitters
Sport Bra- Under Armour
Leggings- H&M
Sneakers- from a small boutique in Chicago! (similar here)

Everyday Life Inspiration Lifestyle Outfits

Yellow light


I’m the kind of person who tries to get inspiration from anything. Everything that I experience every day, thoughts, people, places I visit that fascinate me, you really learn new things every day, the more you open yourself.
Sometimes even by watching a movie, I take notes to myself, if there was a scene that I liked, or a sentence that one of the characters said, memorable notes that would inspire and motivate me to do more or to act differently in a way where i’m changing my mind to think more reasonably. Let go of daily worries, focus on what’s really important and use the time right, where I know how to get things done but also get time to relax, and do other things to inspire my brain rather than just constantly think and make efforts.

Now to my outfit lol; I found this yellow cool dress when I was in American Apparel one time and they had a huge rack in the middle of the store with items on sale. I normally hate to browse through piles of clothes, but I kind of went through the clothes there with my eyes and I saw that Yellow dress in a few colors; light pink, burgundy, and i think there was blue. Thats the kind of dress which is always good to have in your closet, since it’s a classic cut where you can wear it almost everywhere, and with the right accessories it can be fancy enough to go to an event or a dinner. Also yellow is obviously a perfect choice for summer. Since it was on sale, I also got the baby pink one because it’s one of my favorite colors to wear! You can never go wrong with that!

Love, D

Dress- American Apparel
Shoes- Sam Edelman

Everyday Life Fashion Inspiration

Rock & Ramones


Hi Blog !!

A go to outfit of mine is a cool T shirt, basically anything can do; cool writings on it, colors, fabric and ripped jeans! I like to add a cool belt and my currently favorite sneakers or sandals!
I’m sure that you’ve seen that Ramones T almost everywhere?! But it’s pretty comfy actually. Normally i’m not a fan of Ts with high neckline (kind of like guys shirts), but this one is good!

Wishing you all a beautiful week!

Ramones T- Brandy Melville
Belt- Urban Outfitters
Jeans- Free People
Bag- Furla
Sunnies- Rayban