One of my greatest buys ever is this blue over the shoulder dress from Zara !
I know this dress is a hit now, because I constantly see girls wearing it but truly, this dress is awesome !
This dress screams summer! It’s super comfortable and chic, the cut and texture is great, everything about this dress is amazing !
Here I was going to dinner and wore my pointed black heels with it, but I can’t wait to try this dress with some white sneakers !

Btw, I opened an Instagram account for my dogs and it’s super adorable, you can check them out right here !



Dress- ZARA
High heels- Sam Edelman
Bandana- H&M




My pups and I love to take long walks together !
But when it comes to take pictures together- it is almost impossible ! They hate the camera. -_-
Does your dog do the the same?
I did want to share some pictures from a day that we actually were able to snap a few pictures of maple !
How cute is she?! Little twin star !

Hope your day is going great !

Much love, DANA

Hat- H&M
Sweater- Brandy Melville
Jeans- Free People
Wedges- Steve Madden
Bag- Furla
Special Guest- Maple Monroe

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Bomber Power


Hi blog !!

Wearing one of my recent finds here ! This cool burgundy bomber jacket from Urban ! Wearing it makes me feel like i’m one of the cool kids, haha =O
seriously, this jacket’s texture is nice and smooth and it sits perfect on your body, and you don’t feel like you threw a heavy jacket on yourself. Super comfy ! Since the color is burgundy, it makes it easier to match this with any black leggings, maxi dress, denim you have !

Hope everyone is having a great day !

Love, D

Bomber Jacket- Urban Outfitters
Sport Bra- Under Armour
Leggings- H&M
Sneakers- from a small boutique in Chicago! (similar here)

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Yellow light


I’m the kind of person who tries to get inspiration from anything. Everything that I experience every day, thoughts, people, places I visit that fascinate me, you really learn new things every day, the more you open yourself.
Sometimes even by watching a movie, I take notes to myself, if there was a scene that I liked, or a sentence that one of the characters said, memorable notes that would inspire and motivate me to do more or to act differently in a way where i’m changing my mind to think more reasonably. Let go of daily worries, focus on what’s really important and use the time right, where I know how to get things done but also get time to relax, and do other things to inspire my brain rather than just constantly think and make efforts.

Now to my outfit lol; I found this yellow cool dress when I was in American Apparel one time and they had a huge rack in the middle of the store with items on sale. I normally hate to browse through piles of clothes, but I kind of went through the clothes there with my eyes and I saw that Yellow dress in a few colors; light pink, burgundy, and i think there was blue. Thats the kind of dress which is always good to have in your closet, since it’s a classic cut where you can wear it almost everywhere, and with the right accessories it can be fancy enough to go to an event or a dinner. Also yellow is obviously a perfect choice for summer. Since it was on sale, I also got the baby pink one because it’s one of my favorite colors to wear! You can never go wrong with that!

Love, D

Dress- American Apparel
Shoes- Sam Edelman

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Rock & Ramones


Hi Blog !!

A go to outfit of mine is a cool T shirt, basically anything can do; cool writings on it, colors, fabric and ripped jeans! I like to add a cool belt and my currently favorite sneakers or sandals!
I’m sure that you’ve seen that Ramones T almost everywhere?! But it’s pretty comfy actually. Normally i’m not a fan of Ts with high neckline (kind of like guys shirts), but this one is good!

Wishing you all a beautiful week!

Ramones T- Brandy Melville
Belt- Urban Outfitters
Jeans- Free People
Bag- Furla
Sunnies- Rayban

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time to leave


It’s always hard when vacation time is over. Whether if it’s a short or long one, looking back you realize how much fun you have had (at least one day or part of it)?! A good tip to snap out of it is to always think about your next vacation! Even if you aren’t actually planning one, it’s fun to just think what would your next destination be!
After one weekend in Florida, it was time for me to go back home (Jason stayed there for the rest of the week and then came back), when I was on the plane back to Chicago, I closed my eyes and thought of all the fun time we had in Disney !

The night before my flight back, we went to have desserts at an amazing place that specializes in making delicious desserts! It was so much fun and there was someone who played the piano while we were eating! We shared a plate of dessert sampler. When we drove back to our hotel, we decided to make a quick stop at a popular place on the beach that specializes in fish sandwiches ! We both ordered fish with sides, and there was a live band playing in the backround!

Make sure to watch my travel diary here , to experience everything that I have described in my latest posts !!

Wishing everyone an amazing weekend !!

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Finding my fairytale


Good Evening this is Captain D writing to you….lol
On the following day of our arrival in Orlando, we woke up early to be able to arrive in Disney World as early as possible so we can have enough time to explore all parks haha! (Since we had only one day to spend in Disney we decided to try and explore as much as we can, and so we wanted to visit all 4 parks- which was a task)!
We started off in Magic Kingdom which is the main park with most of the rides and characters from the stories. Even though the place was very crowded with people walking all over and it was extremely hot and humid, it was still a lot of fun to walk around and see all of your childhood fairytales come to life. That place is just spectcular from the views, costumes, stands with snacks, restaurants to the fun rides and colors- it is such an amazing experience !
After about two hours of walking around and exploring we took a bus to Animal kingdom, which we hadn’t seen last time we visited Disney. In Animal Kingdom the main attraction was the Safari ride which we had to wait an hour and a half in line for. Eventually when we were on the safari tour van we saw few animals like lions, hippos and giraffes but from a distance, so all in all it wasn’t worth the waiting, but we had no clue.

After Animal Kingdom we took a different bus to The Hollywood Studios park and since we had been to this one already we kind of knew where we going and what ride they have, we wanted to do few rides so badly, but the wait was again very long and the park was super crowded, so we decided to just walk around and after about half an hour we decided to leave.
We then took a bus to a park called Epcot which is the best one out of all of them ! It’s divided to different areas and each area represent a country, 11 countries in total! (Canada, France, UK, US, Morocco, Italy, Japan, Germany, China, Norway, Mexico).
We had dinner at the Japanese restaurant there, there was a wait of 40 minutes so we walked into their stores in the meantime. The stores are incredible, it totally feels as if you were in Tokyo and makes you forget for a second that you are in Disney.
The food was amazing! Best sushi we’ve had son far !
We then had Tiramisu for dessert at an Italian place, and finished with an Irish beer at the Uk part on the way out of the park!

It was then time to had back to the main Park which is where we parked our car too (it was almost 22:00pm which is when they have the famous fireworks show in the Magic Kingdom) and we knew the if we were to wait for after the fireworks is done we will be stuck in a huge traffic(!) so we took the bus back to that park and then walked straight to where the shuttle is waiting, but we were too late and by the time we got to the park we saw everyone walking towards the shuttles O_O we tried to run and pass as many people as possible, all in all we waited for 40 minutes in line and then we finally made it to our car !

We got back to our hotel feeling so dirty from all that day (12 hours of walking around, waiting in lines, sweating in 93 degrees)! But by the time we were in bed after shower it felt so good, all the amazing moments and expiriences we had shared throughout that day hit us and we were so happy!

Hope you enjoyed reading this story ! And if it was too much to read, maybe you kinda read between the lines (which is what I normally do haha).. and got the idea of what Disney World is like!

Lots Of Love !!

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when in disney world


Good Morning!

That is how I spent my last weekend- In Disney World!!
Going through all of these pictures from the quick trip there makes me feel so blessed that I was able to experience such an amazing time there! It is the happiest place on earth!
SO let me explain shortly why did I travel there; Jason was sent to a training in Orlando from work, and we had decided that since he’s in Orlando, and Disney is there as well, I’ll join him just for the weekend and we can go to Disney for one day, and then i’ll fly back home myself while he would stay in Orlando for the rest of the training. (it’s easy since we get stand by tickets that allow us to fly very cheap).
SO turned out it worked perfectly! We flew in on Friday evening, as we arrived in Orlando (the flight was only 2 hours), we decided to drop our bags at the hotel and drive to the Downtwon Disney, where you get a taste of the experience in Disney World, they try to create that same atmosphere, views and fun. We were a little tired and it was extremely hot and humid that night, but it was so much fun to try explore everything while we can!

Stick around for part two and for more stories !!


Overalls- Topshop
White tank top- Under Armour (gotta feel a little sporty for such day lol)
Flip Flops- Couch
Sunnies- Rayban

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some throwback pictures from Cancun because it’s Thursday!

Today was a relaxing day at home. Stayed indoors tried to get some work done. I expected a package in the mail from amazon but it hasn’t arrived yet:\ i’m still hoping that when I take my dogs for their night walk I will find a package waiting for me at the enterance! How fun it is to get some goodies delivered to your place?;)


Fashion Outfits

Hot outside


Hi blog !!

Today it is so hot in here! I took my doggies for a morning walk earlier, and it was way too hot for Maple (my puppy)
that she decided to lay down on the ground and rest ! she is so cute and very stubborn !haha
But it’s crazy how every day is different here, yesterday it was chilly and today it’s super hot, and to days ago it was cold to the point that I had to wear a sweater! (ahh i’m confused)..lol
Maybe i’m just not used to it, because where I come from, summer is literally summer.

I found this navy bodysuit lying in the back of my shelf, and remembered I bought it not long ago in Urban. So I decided – it’s time to make some use out of you ! And it’s actually very comfortable. That day we shot these pictures was extremely hot too, but wearing this body suit didn’t feel that bad, and it wasn’t sticking to my body like I thought it would.

Wishing you a beautiful day ! and if it’s also that hot wherever you are – take some time to cool off and drink a ton of water !

Body Suit- Urban Outfitters
Belt- Urban Outfitters
Black denim- Pacsun
Sandals- Personal import from Venice, Italy.